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Since 1983, our company has focused on serving detail oriented customers with high quality workmanship and integrity. As a result, virtually all of our business is generated by word of mouth referral or repeat clients. Our standard is excellence, so we limit the volume of work our firm will take on each year. We aim to satisfy clients throughout the renovation process, and for years to come.

Larger firms often use subcontractors to accomplish much of the actual construction, increasing the amount of traffic through a home and creating logistical delays. Our small but highly skilled staff completes all the carpentry, plumbing, drywall, millwork, and ceramic - a holistic approach that ensures excellence. This also means that most projects can be completed in less total time, and with less stress on the homeowner.

Most kitchen, bathroom, basement, and condo redesign work is done in house using computer assisted design (CAD) software. This allows instant 3D previews to be created from our floor plans, and our clients have told us these pictures are 'worth a thousand words', allowing them to visualize their proposed projects.

As well as meeting with clients, and doing design work, Harold Kuehn works personally on each project along with his staff. Nancy Kuehn provides administrative assistance, and can be available to help with choices of materials, colours and finishes. We believe that our approach, on top of streamlining logistics and minimizing onsite personnel, allows fewer details to 'fall through the cracks', resulting in a better final product.

Our firm has a track record of thirty years in projects ranging from bathrooms to complete home construction. Streamlined design and construction process, combined with a philosophy of excellence and corporate integrity makes Harold Kuehn Construction Ltd. a first class choice for your home renovation.